Automatic Hotel PREVIEW

Well, here is my hotel, right now it is just the frame, I’m going to wire it soon.

I was keeping the props below 200, I ended up at* 150ish and saved the rest for any wiring or doors I needed to add for the automation. I want to minimize lag and not make the place massive. Too many props people will start lagging if they look towards it and not purchase a suite. Also, it is RP you don’t need a massive room.

finally a new song

:frowning: this video dissapointed me. its just 4 rooms with one little hiding place. i love your innovated hiding places in your other places D:

I added my comment on youtube about it, read it.

Funny, just this morning, I was thinking to myself “Why hasn’t CanadianBill made anything new lately.” And lo and behold, an automatic hotel. Brilliant work mate.

Looks good, but not really like a hotel, looks more like a small/med bunker.

Kinda small for a hotel, but it looks sweet. Looks like some rockstars mansion.

Blast door windows ruin it :expressionless:

Yeah, I know that you don’t like/use phx, but you should consider it, I mean there is little differnce 2 using it vs the blast doors, atleast for the windows; Don’t get me wrong I really like it, but now that you’ve moved away from the forts the windows really kill it

really gj anyway, houses(i know hotel rite)/forts and stuff like that are harder than ppl think

I know they looked ugly, I just needed to keep the prop limit down, I’ll replace them for the final product

If you need it to be less laggy, try parenting parts of the building you won’t be colliding with (windows, ceilings/roofs, etc). what would be cool is if there was a section of it over the lake, and a glass bottom. Get some of those Snpc fish in the lake, instant awesome. when you are in the process of wiring, maybe some doors. Not alot of privacy for the people staying there.

This is going to be majorly sexy when you wire it up.
Good job =D.

not even that, because the contrap is frozen, if you parent, it will maintain collisions