Automatic Hotel V2

Video is still processing…

Here’s my automatic hotel V2, made in DarkRP. As usual, no PHX/custom models.

Your intros make me mad.

I think the software you made for this outdoes the building itself

Software looks really nice, but please stop using those god awful blastdoors

There is nobody who thinks using phx is a bad thing ( for walls etc ) the sooner you start accepting that the sooner your contraptions will start looking better; Because right now those blast doors (and the brick material IMO) ruin the whole thing.

Personally I think the fading doors kinda spoil it a bit, I mean there’s a functional door on the price-free lift, why not the rooms people pay for?

They aren’t fading doors

It’s a door that turns invisible without any sign of motion and nocollides when invisible, might as well be a fading door.

That is like politicians being criticized for illegally giving out millions of dollars to special interest groups under the table, and they reply “Actually it was two-hundred thousand dollars, not millions.” :doh:

It is kind of missing the point there. Everything seems so polished and fluid, from the purchasing interface to the elevator, the doors just seem disappointing.

Nice work bill but if you really want to use vanilla, don’t use those blastdoors. there’s prettier ones if you just search.

Pretty cool, but you play rp on gm_construct?

Also why do you use blastdoors? They don’t look very good, especially with the brick texture) and there is better alternatives (like whatever you used on the elevator)

Besides that though I really like the wire.

As said before, the software is the best part… I am horrible with console screens, and couldn’t do the same.

Seems very unpractical for dark rp. People will just start getting pissed when they can’t lockpick their way into the aparatments .

RP is a worthless fucking bullshit waste of time for silly little children

For Christ’s sake just use some goddamn PHX, it’ll make it look a fuckton better.

Rage moar?

This contraption is sick, good luck with your stuff man, I love it.

Why there isn’t any GMod video in 720p/1080p…

Mine is 720p

I like the fort a lot, but I do agree about the fading doors. I would rather see physical, moving doors, or pocket doors or something. Maybe do some more detail on the inside as well, a little basic.

I disagree about the doors, I’m sure he could make realistic doors, but when it comes down to it, they are time consuming and very insecure.

He could have an invisible nocolliding door and use a hologram for the swinging/sliding action.

I definitely like that idea, that’s pretty cool. But yeah I don’t see why he couldn’t have done something else then fading doors.