Automatic Rank and a Character Menu

This is really hard to explain but, im going to figure it out.
On my server, and most other CWRP / Military RP servers you hit f4 and select your rank and character.
Is there any way to make it automatic? Lets start with part 1…

They log into the server and are greeted by a character selection menu.
They create / join a character and type in what name they want (lets say Sam), and when they log in, their name and battalion are already there…
This would let me remove the jobs, as there are many, and make it hassle free for both.

It would be like <battalion> <rank> Name
and the character menu should be able to switch between these jobs you were invited to.

Example: SuperiorServers

How would I go about doing this?

Show us what you’ve tried.

Looks like he currently has several threads asking for paste code so he probably has nothing.

You’re going to need to learn Lua and SQL. What you’re wanting to copy isn’t really as simple as the other threads you’ve made (if you’re wanting it exactly like SuperiorServers). Character creation and actual ranking would be two separate systems as well.

I dont want it EXACTLY like Superior. Just like what you guys have, because I only see like 2 other servers besides you have this. It would be a nice addition. If I knew HOW to get started, I could figure it out. I just dont even know where to begin, and fucking up server files is something I am extremely nervous about.

I really dont mean to seem like I am copying superior. Theres other things I added, regarding other things I have seen you guys have, but idk. Superior was my first REAL server that I actually tried on and you guys did everything so well…
So no, I dont want it exactly like that, but SUP literally has everything. Seeing your comment sort of freaked me out because I am very impressed with what you do.

I just dont even know where to start with either of these and no one else has anything so yeah. Sorry.

Start from the basics, practice. You’re asking for solutions, but it’s a developers discussion and it has this sticky. Like @scottd564 said, learn basic Lua, networking and SQL.

Thank you for the more… kind comment than some of the messages I got.
I will follow that thread. Thank you for the link :slight_smile: