Automatic Spawn Of An Entity

Hello, I have a DarkRP server and I would like to have a cinema in it.

I have a working addon (PlayX) and I have done a proximity for it, but I am unsure how I would make it spawn automatically, so that it doesn’t have to be spawned by an admin and stays there when they disconnect.

I have found this:


Showing how to spawn a prop automatically, but not an entity?

So the entity is called: gmod_playx

How would I make this spawn at a certain Vector ?

Change the SetPos vector to where you want it to spawn.

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Do you have the spawn function of it set up or anything at all?

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I thought PlayX had a feature implemented in it by default for creating playx players…

Really? Where do I access this? o.O In the VGUI?

function SpawnPlayXPlayer()
local playxplayer = ents.Create("gmod_playx")
hook.Add("InitPostEntity", "SpawnPlayXPlayer", SpawnPlayXPlayer)

Wow you just made my day! You must feel proud!

Many Thanks WholeGamer