Automatically selecting a prop category in spawn menu open.

Greetings! Here is the issue I am facing:

I am in the process of editing the sandbox spawn menu, and I’m actually almost there just 1 more problem… I’m attempting to completely remove the left side bar, but in order to do that I must first automatically select the props folder I want to appear on the player menu. I’m currently editing this section of the code:

I already have gotten the “Games” folder to automatically collapse, and I do know how to select it… It’s just I don’t know how to select its child.

Here are my edits so far on that section (I know it’s a little autistic…):

hook.Add( "PopulateContent", "GameProps", function( pnlContent, tree, node )

	-- Create a node in the `other` category on the tree
	local MyNode = node:AddNode( "", "icon16/folder_database.png" )
	MyNode:SetExpanded( true )
	local ViewPanel = vgui.Create( "ContentContainer", pnlContent )
	ViewPanel:SetVisible( false )
	local games = engine.GetGames()
	table.insert( games, {
		title = "Skyrim",
		folder = "GAME",
		icon = "all",
		mounted = true
	} )
	table.insert( games, {
		title = "Garry's Mod",
		folder = "garrysmod",
		mounted = true
	} )

	-- --
	-- -- Create a list of mounted games, allowing us to browse them
	-- --
	for _, game in SortedPairsByMemberValue( games, "title" ) do

		if ( !game.mounted ) or 
			(game.folder == "cstrike") or 
			(game.folder == "garrysmod") or 
			(game.folder == "hl2") or 
			(game.folder == "ep2") or
			(game.folder == "episodic") or 
			(game.folder == "csgo") then 

		AddBrowseContent( ViewPanel, MyNode, game.title, "games/16/" .. ( game.icon or game.folder ) .. ".png", "", game.folder, pnlContent )

end )