Automating Enjin Website Sign-up to give users a regular rank?

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to use a listen server or what? I automated a donation page but that was pretty simple. I can’t really customize enjin that much, and I don’t have the ability to fully code my own website with quality forums, etc.

Is it possible to automate the sign-up process so that when a user registers on the forums they receive and in-game rank of “Regular”?

Currently I’m doing it manually and it’s quite tedious.

I don’t think this is possible with enjin… Not sure tho

Damn, I was afraid that was the answer.

Use the API to pull the info you need, and check using it.

Why are you even using Enjin? Just get a real webhosting and setup a forum, such as mybb. Then you have more freedoom and can do much more.

Not all of us have the budget to rent a webhosting AND a server…

Some hosters actually offer a free webhost with your server, NFO for example.

Plus let’s be real, a decent one is about $5 a month, and nobody is gonna visit your forums like Facepunch enough to need a better server.

in fact, i have a full server atleast 10 hours a day and i get MAYBE 10 people looking at the forums a day.

Honestly, there’s people like me who live in Brazil and 1 USD = 4 BRL, so for a simple 20 slots server you already spend 80 BRL, and for a 5 USD hosting, you’d add 20 BRL for that.

I don’t have 100 BRL per month to pay on a server and I’m sure most people don’t have this kind of money either.

Host your own server. I pay 10$ USD a month to DigitalOcean, so essentially 40 BRL, and I have a 30 slot server and my own website, and I have full control.

I could host my own server but I don’t have enough time to create my own control panel and I wouldn’t be exactly comfortable with having to get on SSH for each tiny fuckup that happened.

I also do not have enough knowledge in Linux (nor know where to gain it) to host my own server by myself as hosting my own web server is already a headache.

There’s plenty of control panels out there. You gain it by using the OS, and following guides. It sounds to me like you just want everything done easily and free, and can’t be bothered to put in the effort it takes.

I really won’t get into this discussion because I don’t want to derail the thread.