automed donation system? Would this work?

Hello! I have been thinking how to do an automated donation system!
What I thought would work is:

Have a field that users have to fill in their steam id, then choose what rank. > Send money depending on rank via PayPal. > After money are transfered, the info they have put in will be sent to a db with the tables: Id, steamid in there and also rank, 1, 2, 3…and so on dependong on how many ranks. > Make a lua script that reads the db each 5 to 10 minute to see if someone bought anything. > Make a concmd to add the user with the steam kd and the rank number with ulx. (Ulx adduser id rank) | End.
Wrote this on my phone, typos may appear :3

Sure, but you’ll need to know about PHP

YESH! :slight_smile: Okey, I would hire someone instead of reading thousands of books :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah well, it could be done in many ways.
For example:
-If website was hosted at the same place server is hosted, your website could make modifications to sqlite database (Althought I don’t know if it can modify it while garrysmod is currently running)
-It could be done via MySQL (Website sends MySQL Query to the server which receives it and does what it’s meant)
-Via PHP as said by Ericson666

Sadly, it isn’t hosted on the same place.

You could remotely connect and execute commands on your server.

I’m pretty sure some guy name PaW made a script that can do this.
Remember to check server status first.

How do I do that, and what does that mean?

Well, it’s still better to use MySQL (atleast in my opinion), so I suggest that

You can do that as well, but my method is faster. Unless you check every 5 second.

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Most of the server owners that store the ID in a database, require users to rejoin in order to get their rank.

Really? Why?

Also, what if he would want to check if player is a donator ? Server wouldn’t send the info back to the website using your way.
Also about ranks, you can simply re-send rank info to the player when MySQL is commanded to change his rank, not a big deal.

Because they check the db on join.

I want it to check each 5 - 10 min…? O_o Not on join

You can add them to a database as well. I see your point.

That’s not an issue, you can just add another hook or call the function directly in the function where MySQL changes your rank.

If you do it well, you can re-send info about ranks only when they change, that’s what net library is there for and umsg, so you don’t constantly get info about variable that didn’t even change

Oh, lol didn’t think about that…