Automotive Modelling in XSI HELP?

Can anyone help me with Modelling vehicles in XSI the only tutorial I can find is from “DigitalTutors” and to watch it you have to pay $45/month subscription… And that is expensive… If you can model a vehicle please help me…

Can you model anything in XSI? If not this is what got me started.

If you follow that, that “cube” could be a vehicle.

Yes I can model alot of things in XSI… Im pretty good

I just want to learn more on automotive modelling… So I can model Higher resolution better quality car models…

Ah I see well that’s not my department. Like you said on the charger fourm, chris needs to make tuts.

Right! Ive spent a year in a half trying to find a automotive tutorial thats free but no luck…He needs to make a tutorial

Modeling vehicles is just like modeling any other object, you don’t need a specific tutorial to tell you how to do that. I never used a vehicle tutorial before making the Dodge Charger, just a basic Softimage XSI tutorial to get the basic knowledge of the program and I expanded from there.

Find yourself some good blueprints and a lot of reference images and work from there.

That’s what I figured and wanted to tell him but I didn’t know for sure and didn’t want to be rude.

I know its like modelling other things… but theres techniques to every type of modelling if your realize it or not… and watching/reading tutorials help you to adapt those techniques which will help you get better resolution meshes = :smiley:

So your saying chris’s charger is not high enough resolution for you? And besides your modeling for garrys mod not gta 4. And after a year and a half of
you searching for these tutorials you could have been making your own techniques.


Oh I found this it may help.;action=display;threadid=40998

No I am not saying that at all… I am saying my car models are not as high resolution as his… And I spent that year and a Half doing alot of other stuff too.

I give up. Did the link help at all? I didn’t really read much of it.

not really its really an argument between using curves and sub-d modelling for automotive but thanks anyways… I am just going to model my way… until I get some money for Digital tutors… then Ill turn those digital tutor training into free tutorials so people can learn more of XSI Modtool

I’m currently working with the automotive modeling tutorials from Digital Tutors.

The tutorial teaches you how to create highpoly cars (mostly used for rendering stuff NOT games!)
using technics like curves to build up the shape of things and then loft them to create your face.
The most time you start with a lowpoly mesh slightly putting in some details
and then give it a few subdivisions and put in more details.

Here is an old shot of my progress a few weeks ago:

When finished with the car you will learn to put materials on it
and create a render scene.

Most of the technics that are covered there can also be used to create cars for games,
so I would suggest you to buy it when you got the money and really want to put some effort in car modeling :wink:

PS: Oh and you will be annoyed by the sentence “Sometimes you just have to roll up your sleeves…” which the tutor is telling you in nearly every second video…

Lol yea, I do want to get that but I dont have the income right now… I have a question? I use grids with images on them as my references… do you know how to turn those grids semi transparent so I can see In them so I can see my model?

Well, why don’t you just use the “Rotoscope” function in XSI?

It’s far easier than setting up Grids with textures.

I know how to setup Rotoscopes… I just like using grids and I figured it out thanks…