AutoRefresh does not work and im with Nitrous(Award if you fix)

Hey i sent a ticket about auto refresh as om lua does not auto update on my server
I am with Nitrous Networks and they have no idea why and there currently not helping

Is there anyway to fix this as i like to script and see if theirs any problems rather then restarting the server to see changes

If you fix it post your steam ill add you and award you of any game upto $10

does your server have auto refresh disabled?
check anywhere for


in command line parameters.

Not that i can see i also contacted Nitrous and they told me this “That is very strange as it should do it, there are no options in the server.cfg or command line which would disable it.”

Do they use Linux or Windows servers?

sv_os linux

Auto Refresh is not supported on Linux it only works on Windows

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Edit: was joke. Sorry for being dumb ;(

He didn’t fix it, he explained why it wasn’t working.