AutoRefresh for Gamemode LUA Not Working

I have a gmod 13 dedicated server set up with steam pipe. I’m working on the gamemode LUA files over ssh and making changes to them, however the changes don’t appear to be reflected until I stop and restart the server.

I though gmod13 had autorefresh and would pull in any changes “real time” (e.g. on user login/logout).

Am I missing something? Do you have any idea why it wouldn’t auto refresh? Is there any other info I could provide that might explain what’s going on?

You probably have Linux server, AutoRefresh is Windows only.

You’re correct, is there any way to get autorefresh working on Linux?

Just change the map.
I don’t think there’s any other way to manually load a script like that other than actually doing something like lua_openscript but I think that’s relative only to the garrysmod/lua/ directory.
Someone could probably make a module.