Everyone knows that Stranded servers are very laggy after 20+ hours of uptime.
I have idea about this. Server can restart in 6:00 AM if the server has no players (if there are players - server delays restart for 30 minutes), but I do not know how to realize this xD
Help me to implement this idea, please <3

“_restart” will restart the server.

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If you don’t know unix time you could also use

exit and quit also work last I checked

Exit and quit will not restart the server if there is nothing to restart it (like srcds watchdog)

Really? I don’t remember installing that, but my server says “Server restart in 10 seconds” whenever I use exit.

Maybe because your GSP has that feature and you don’t know about it?

I use a VPS.

“quit” - Exit the engine.
“quti” - Exit the engine.
“_restart” - Shutdown and restart the engine.

It has to be something you did or installed.

_restart is blocked from RunConsoleCommand along with quit, exit, and a bunch of other commands.

You can just do changelevel, it has (almost) same effect.