Autorun in my addons don't run

So as the title states, whenever I create an addon that need stuff to be ran in the autorun folder don’t run. It doesn’t even run, but entities and weapons works fine. Anyone knows why this happens?

are you sure you dont get any lua errors???

No errors at all.

What is the exact name of the file you created and what is the directory path?

From my experience, the file needs a unique name, and has to be placed in a folder in one of three locations: server, client, or in the root of autorun.

Check to make sure your file passes these tests.

Send me your lua code.

So it seems like it loads on my personal server but not on the hosted one. The directory is addons/reaper/lua/autorun/init.lua
The code I have in there were really just to register a net message.

if SERVER then
util.AddNetworkString( “MINER:Update” )

And does it need to be a unique name on the lua file?

Yes. Rename your file to be unique. Init.lua is used by other things.