well, I want to create a (very) simple autorun script that runs when I start a server. I want it to say

sv_defaultdrawspeed 1
ent_remove_all area_portal (if that is a thing I can do)

[lua]game.ConsoleCommand( “sv_defaultdrawspeed 1” )
game.ConsoleCommand( “echo Any Console Commands here. =]” )[/lua]

No, that is definatedly something you can do, for a few reasons:

-Areaportals are named “func_areaportal”
-Areaportals are compiled in the map in a way that makes them impossible to be removed. Every single one can be OPENED, though, but that’s generally stupid, too.
-Opening all areaportals causes (depending on the map) low to insane performance loss. Don’t do it. :slight_smile:

lol ty