Available round-based gamemode frameworks?

Hi, off the bat, I hope you can understand that I’m trying to be efficient rather than lazy - I’m a full-time app developer as a profession so I only get a few hours a day for hobbies :slight_smile:

So I’m sure I’m not the first guy to work on a round-based gamemode, in fact I figure it’s so common that there’s probably a framework or two out there to abstract away all the grunt work.

Anyone remember Fretta? It was a perfect example of what I’m asking for: teams, round transitions, map voting etc - all prebuilt and abstracted away behind an API. What happened to it? What alternatives are there? Google came up blank, unfortunately.

Thanks for any info!

Fretta = still alive, look at melon bomber.
As for where to get it, I have no idea. Maybe a github?

Wow, I think you’re right. I searched for “gmod fretta 13” and hit this thing. All depends on the search terms, eh?!

To be fair, I’ll look into anything else anyone suggests if there’s a more modern solution available. That said I’ll give this fretta 13 a shot tomorrow and see if it’s the real deal - will report back. From what I’ve read it works but needs a little hammering. I hope they won’t take offence then if I ship a butchered version of it with my finished work :v:

Thanks for the tip!

Melon Bomber isn’t on Fretta, but it’s still sort of alive.

Alive in the sense that the base itself is fixed up for gmod13, but also dead in that none of the gamemodes made for it work right off the bat, which since you’re not looking for that, you’ll be fine. There’s a copy of Fretta that comes with Prop Hunt but that’s poopy, so use NoxiousNet’s version instead:

To set things up for Fretta, you’d want to modify this template inside the gamemodename.txt file:

"svr" -- gamemode folder name
	"base"				"fretta13" -- the base you're deriving
	"title"				"Duck Hunt" -- Gamemode name
	"menusystem"		"1" -- If you want it to show on the gmod gamemode button
	"maps"				"dh_" -- Map prefix associated on the singleplayer menu

	"selectable"		"1" -- Whether it should be selectable on the fretta vote
		"1"	"dh_" -- Map prefixes you want to show up on Fretta.

Then inside shared.lua, you’d have


And that’s literally it. Inside shared.lua, you should have a bunch of fretta variables, which can either be found either in the base’s shared.lua or on this wiki page: http://maurits.tv/data/garrysmod/wiki/wiki.garrysmod.com/index9cef.html

The most important functions you’ll be wanting to use are GM:OnPreRoundStart, GM:OnRoundStart, GM:OnRoundEnd, etc. Basically, check out Prop Hunt for a good idea on how fretta gamemodes work.

Great info, I feel spoiled now! So fretta is still a solid choice after all this time? Don’t replace the classics, I guess :v:

Progress! I had to modify some of the fretta files to get it working smoothly - I need a few things from sandbox, deriving fretta from that probably screwed up a few things.

Thanks again for the help, solved.