Available tools on GMod

Hey guys,
today i’ve got my server box up and running and im hosting a gmod server on it
But when i go in my server and press q i only have the basic tools
Is there any way to get more tools? besides downloading them 1 by 1?

Well you can download more tools from garrysmod.org, if your looking for a pack of tools here’s one: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=52945 I dont know what versions they are.

Yeah, That pack would probly be the best without spamming you with every Stool under the Sun.

Honestly, wire + phx covers most of it.

  1. Weight stool
  2. Unbreakable
  3. Anti noclip
  4. Stacker
  5. Parent

Thats pretty much it, all the extra tools i have on my server.

Dont get Conna’s Tools, The command box will fall into the wrong hands

Downloading toolpacks isn’t such a great idea because they may contain outdated versions.

Get Smart Weld…

I disagree, but you should uninstall the command box one, other than that they’re good.

Agreed, But there are other abusable tools in there too.

The list… + smart weld.

Yeah Smart weld is a Lifesaver, just be sure to check the Auto freeze box and uncheck auto unfreeze.

Lol at Instant 5 Dumb ratings