~Avalanche Movie Trailer~

First movie trailer made, but many more videos to bring.

Let me know what you think or request what you would like to see made into a movie trailer.

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There’s a movies section for this…


Looks pretty funny.

My bad…

looks fun, got an IP address?

Yeah do you? Becuase I would really like to play this aswell! :smiley:

Also why didn’t you take out the ragdolls when you die? It would be funny to see someone getting launched into the air by a train :smiley:

Looks fun as hell.

The game is still a beta, but new maps are being develop.

And with the “ragdoll issue” that is also something that might change

The video was cool, it definately makes me want to play the game mode. It also gave me a good laugh too.

want to play this