In general…

Avalon is a server management system that focuses on both visual appeal and functionality. It provides full customization of the server and has an UI that is familiar to any Garry’s Mod player. Avalon also has features designed for large community servers, allowing them create in-game clans and share information between multiple servers using Avalon.


Although the system isn’t as bare-bones as some of its rivals, it is still fully extensible through two types of plug-ins called mounts and commands. All Avalon extensions are modular, which means that they can be disabled in-game.


[li] Sandbox spawnmenu-like user interface wrapped around a custom scoreboard.
[/li] [li] Modular components that can be configured and disabled in-game.
[/li] [li] Lots of moderation and fun features to choose from.


[li] Menu system is not fit to be used on resolutions around VGA( 640x480 ).
[/li] [li] Although not doing much impact on performance, it does come with a lot of client side files.


Please post your thoughts about the system. Although I have most of it already planned out, there is still room for community ideas and improvements.




Jinto and foszor: I took some ideas from your server.
Facepunch: For ignoring some of my threads but still being generally supportive.


Looks great nevec! I like the idea of the Prop shield, and the ticker/news board!

Very nice and stylish!

Consider adding some sort of ingame forum/message board system. If you like, I can clean up GMML and send it to you in an email or something.

Other than that, I have to say, I love that Gui.

Yay, I was waiting for this.

Will other gamemode developers be able to add their own things into this? Be nice to have an extra menu for custom gamemodes running. Instead of us having to make our own menus for just a few settings.

Give me this naow!

I could add replying to news board announcements. It would be similar to a message board. Automatic announcements would be read only but for new announcements you could choose whether it’s read only or not.

Settings like that are basically the same as the tool menu. There is a hook for creating new panels. Or you can go a bit more advanced and create a command which can have a server side component as well. There is a function for calling the server side command from the client.

You have to create all of the controls yourself and change the vars you want from their events. I’m writing some helper functions for creating commonly used derma elements. But if the tool menu uses the same DForm control, you can just use the tool menu method.

How about Group Chats? Invite people to chat with you in a group so only people in the group can see it.

Yes, there will be group chats. You’ll be able to set up public and private groups. The groups will also be fully administratable. Group owners and admins will be able to kick and ban other players.

Nice, you finally released it. :smiley:
It looks really nice, and I love the menu, it’s really something to envy.

I posted it. It’s still far from a release. People don’t really seem to want it that much. Except the few here.

Ticker will be the first fully working mount. I need to get ranks and rank editing commands done. In the mean time here’s a screenshot that I think I already posted.


This looks nice, I may try it out when its released.
Does the scoreboard overrwrite a gamemodes custom scoreboard?

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Looks epic dude!
Really cool and useful.
Looks epic and cool anyways. :smiley:

It does. Unless the gamemode says otherwise. You can set “OverrideAvalonScoreboard” to true for your gamemode if you want to see your own scoreboard. If you have it disabled, another icon will be added to the banner that, by clicking it, opens the Avalon scoreboard. If you also have the banner disabled you’ll see a small box with the icons in the corner when you when you open the board.

Looks awesome, now there is what? 5 different admin mods to chose from, when this is released anyway.

O rly?
i only know:
And now this.
I missed one then :C

I can’t say soon. But I will say it anyways.

SimpleAdmin was the other one, but due to the development of NewAdmin, SimpleAdmin crawled in a hole and died.

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