Hi to all,
I am looking for a long time, models of AVATAR for Gmod. Where can I find them? Can someone create?
Sorry for my bad english, I’m Italian.
Thanks a lot.

I’m pretty sure that people have ported from the Dunia Engine before. So it shouldn’t be that hard for someone to do it again, right?

But then again, the Avatar game is mostly Anvil. So…

I’d say you’re out of luck. Because I haven’t seen many ports from Anvil engine games.

Well you are lucky, I’ve seen none whatsoever.

I liked the movie, but i don’t think models are necessary for Garry’s Mod

I’d like to see these models ported. I want to make movies of them being killed muhahaha!

i did not like it

Finally someone who agrees with me!


Meh. It isn’t for everyone. It gives a bad taste to some people who watch it, and not in the fact that most of the more interesting people are blue.

I find it funny that they made a movie where the CG actors show more emotion in their expressions than their human counterparts.

That’s how it is.

I liked Avatar Its the Best movie in the whole world

Lol no

Pretty much, yeah.

You aren’t talking about “the Last Air Bender” are you?

Ok seriously, I liked the movie and for some reason, the story reminded me of Doom before the demons.

I don’t recall Pocahontas ever showing up in Doom.

A corrupt company coming to another planet to exploit its resources.
In Doom it was the UAC and Mars. Doom 3 gave you more details.

This was the only Doom connection I could make, but it still stuck out for me

8th thread…

Lol, i thought this when i first saw the advert, then i thought ‘hang on… Theyr’e blue.’ then i went and watched to confirm, best confirmation i’ve seen in a while.

Personally, Avatar player-models. They double as ragdolls, and add depth to battles on servers. Just need to find out how to change player dimensions and camera view (as well as health and ammo capacities) with the new player-model selection.

Also make the bows/arrows (make a SWEP) and the daggers (SWEP).


There you go, Navi-people. They come with clowns, riots, construction workers, soldiers and half-naked men.