Avatar Sweps

Aside from my thought about having a dragonball z weapon, I think it would also be cool if someone made Avatar weapons. Wind, Water, Earth, and Fire.

Avatar WIND- You take no fall damage, you take no push damage.

MOUSE 1 - Shoots an air blast that does 5 damage, if you hold it, it will do more damage 10 damage extra for every 2 seconds you hold it. Max seconds you can hold it for is 10 (default). It has a push damage also. If you face the floor and use it you get boosted up in the air.

MOUSE 2 - Pushes everyone around you back, has large radius, does 20 damage, every second you hold it the bigger the radius and the more damage +10 damage per second MAX seconds is 8, as long as your holding the button down you are standing still and cannot move, does push damage.

MOUSE 3 - As long as you hold this you have increased speed and low gravity.

W+MOUSE 3 - You can fly! super fast

SPACE * 2 - If you press space then space again in the air you do a double jump and you can do a third jump afterward. All jumps after the first jump are low gravity

Avatar WATER - yea i dunno about this one :argh:

Avatar EARTH - Okay for this one i would like to see someone make a weapon that is kind of like the earth mage weapon on garrysmod.org except updated and one that actually works. You take no fall damage, and no prop damage. Bullet damage you TAKE is decreased TO 80% rather than to 100%.

MOUSE 1 - Shoots a rock at the enemy at a high speed doing prop damage.

MOUSE 2 - Shoots a long pillar type of thing towards the enemy, similar to the earth mage, but this time you can’t go through the props and they disappear after 10 seconds.

MOUSE 3 - Spawns a rock wall in front of you that has 300 health

CTRL + MOUSE 1 - Makes a LARGE earthquake doing 30 damage for 4 seconds, you stand still for the 4 seconds, has a large radius

Avatar FIRE - You take no fire damage.

MOUSE 1 - Shoots a large fire ball doing 50 damage, has a small blast radius on hit, causes fire damage. Set on fire for 4 seconds

MOUSE 2 - Shoots a large fire ring around you with a radius that starts close to you and expands out doing 50 damage. Does fire damage. Players/Npcs are set on fire for 7 seconds.

MOUSE 3 - What ever your targeting at they are set on fire till death but the fire damage is low.

If you want to add more then give it your best shot :smiley: