Avatar the game Grace Augustine model ?

Hello !
I wanted to know if from the game files, it was possible to extract Grace Augsutin (human)?

I know it is not really present in the game, but it was well modeled and can be present in the game files?

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However, I have successfully extracted the textures of its human version (head and hair) and its model in Avatar.

So you already got the model?

I just find the head.

Found it here.

http://jc-starstorm.deviantart.com/art/Grace-Augustine-520354484 (DL link at right)
Need importer for .mesh format for 3dsmax or blender3d

Finally I have managed to extract from the game “Avatar” it self, I posted there some time on tf3dm.


As against clothing actually come from scientific characters, I adapted to this model Grace Augustine and arms, which I slightly changed the color of the texture.