Avatar-The Game Scorpion Attack Helicopter?

As the title says, I’m looking for the Scorpion Gunship which has been seen in the movie and is featured as a flyable vehicle in the game aswell. I know it’s possible to rip from the game, as I’ve seen some of the vehicle converted to GTA, already. It’d be great if someone could give it a try.


Personally, I’m wanting a Banshee from the game, as well as a Samson.

I’m surprised that everyone forgot about this awesome mech suit, so if someone will rip stuff from the game, please rip this too.

I have a Samson model of FSX, but it’s high poly as fuck. Around 100k polies and with detailed cockpit it’s around 200k

I wanted that game but you can’t buy it in the UK. :frowning:

I found a free demo of this game online a few weeks back. I played it and found dx ripper/ninja ripper work just fine with it. I ripped a bunch of stuff but I haven’t compiled it all, plus the UVs need adjusting. I don’t mind posting the raw rips if people want to mess around with them.

That would be great. It’s something after all and maybe there is some useful stuff in it. I was considering buying it, it’s like 10 bucks, but still… Gotta see

Well, I took a look through my rips last night. I don’t have the helicopter ripped but I can go back and get it.

This is what I exported and fixed the UVs…


I’m preparing the files for Fallout and the structure of the rar reflects that, but nevertheless the obj and dds files are all in here:


Do you think you could find those mech suits?

That’d be great. It doesn’t happen that often that the exact model you want is featured in a rippable demo of the game. Do you use 3D Ripper DX or Ninja Ripper? Because for me, it crashes with 3D Ripper DX.

Ninja Ripper will work, but I prefer to use DX Ripper when possible because of the Noesis plugin for converting the rip files. (That’s different from 3D Ripper DX… DX Ripper was the predecessor to Ninja Ripper in case you didn’t know).

I ripped the copter yesterday, but it’s in many pieces and putting it together is more of a task than I’m up for at this point. Plus it doesn’t look as good as the picture in the OP. The mech is low res too.

I used Ninja Ripper on this game once, but I couldn’t find which .rip files had all the vehicle parts, and importing all of them crashes 3DS Max because there are too many meshes 'n stuff.

Just do what I do: quickly scroll through the .dds files and once you find the textures for your model just import a bunch of rips from that ballpark.

Well, could you maybe upload parts and textures? Would be enough for me, I’d put it together and upload it after.


That’s a link for the folder produced by DX Ripper. Remember, it’s slightly different from Ninja Ripper. There’s a noesis plugin for the rip files that will let you browse the stuff relatively easily. It will still be a lot of work to put the copter together though. You will need to find the pieces, match up the correct texture, then re-scale all the UV’s. Good luck!

quick question - what were the UVW values you put on the rip files?

I adjusted them all by hand in Blender. I’m sorry; I know that’s not helpful at all to you.

Alright, thanks for that. Just a quick question tho: The model is kind of weird. Lots of flipped faces and other stuff I’m not really sure of how to explain. Like double faced parts, etc… Just wondering if it’s me or the model.

I always ctrl+n in edit with blender to face normals out. It takes care of that problem for me. It’s pretty normal with rips.

still thanks. Time to try and fix the female warthog armour by hand myself then :stuck_out_tongue: