AvatarImage panel, Default avatar is invisible?

I’m writing a custom vote system and it seems people who have no avatar (the default avatar which is usually a white question mark) cause the panel to be totally invisible despite panel:IsVisible() returning true.

There seems to be no way of telling if the avatar is default or making it appear visible if it is default.

Anyone know a work around?

As you say, the default avatar for people who does not have a avatar, is the white question mark.
There is no way as I know of, that you could find out if it’s defaut avatar or custom.

Its actually not the default avatars I don’t think. Its the ones whos profiles haven’t been created or something.

Either way some appear as ? marks and some are just totally invisible has anyone encountered this?

For anyone who reads this, a solution is to create a DImage as the default “no avatar” image then parent the AvatarImage panel to the DImage so that if invisible it will show the default avatar.

It works fine for me. Draws the question mark if I have no avatar selected.