The ability to create an avatar for Garry’s Mod and can be used in all different kinds of servers.

The concept is a bunch of props attached to the player model’s bone, like hats.
Each model isn’t a ragdoll but instead a piece of the player.
A gamemode maker can customize an avatar for a “Class” and can set the player to that avatar without need of creating a model.

I have part of the lua done, which is extremely easy to do. All I need is the graphics part.
Right now I’m using Madness parts for the player parts.

Think of Xbox 360 avatars for G-Mod.

Or a Mii if you’re Asian.

What do you guys think of this idea?
Edit: I didn’t post this in Ideas & Suggestions because the last time I posted something in there that was like this thread, I got banned.

IT doesn’t sound right.
Avatars aren’t for Gmod

C’mon, playing around sandbox with your own avatar that you can make look like yourself.

IS because…
Gmod is a Sandbox, not a social network, besides, there is the hatmaker

Sounds cool, but not really needed.

Hey look its OrDnAs.

Hows it going good buddy!?


Can’t it be both. :geno:


And doesn’t the san in sanbox stand for Social Area Network.


[sp] Spelling [/sp]

Some servers have their own “networks” with this sort of feature in place (one model on one of their servers, and you share it across all servers). Otherwise, as a global feature implemented in Gmod, it would be pretty poor.


Seems like it would be a cool idea if it didn’t use up too much memory or CPU. dunno though.

people treat GMOD as a differently-skinned second life, OrDnAs. It’s unfortunate, but that’s the way it is.

It doesn’t even use physics. A probable good idea is just use low-poly models.

If you have hats, why not create some avatars that go with the hat?
Hatmaker, schmakmaker. It isn’t global.

And no, Garry’s Mod isn’t just sandbox.

Could you see this guy running around flatgrass?

http://avatar.xboxlive.com/avatar/USR Agent/avatarpic-l.png



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http://avatar.xboxlive.com/avatar/USR Agent/avatarpic-l.png


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I’m sorry, but I just don’t see how this is any different from that Hat Maker thing.

Remember I’m that guy that made Kuroscript/Prototype threads and we would have so much fun arguing.

Sorry for the off-topic

Why would we need this?

Yeah, I watched a youtube video were this kid was playing gmod, he blew himself up, and he started screaming, “I DIED!!!, I DIED!!!” and he cried :frowning:

Let’s leave that to Second Life. I find Gmod funny, because of the use of half-life models.

I like my avatar, looks just like me! :fuckyou:

Seriously. I just found someone with a fursona using the PAC yesterday on a gmod server. Let’s not make it so then they can do that on all servers.

i agree, maybe