Avd dup conflicts with most of my stuff

I could use some answers i installed the adv dupe that comes with wire and now my g-bombs wire and gcombat wont work. I know adv-dupe is the problem because ive tested this. any help?

You did it wrong.

Where did you download Adv Duplicator and Wire from?



Go here. Learn the ways of SVN. And NEVER download Wire from GMod.org again. It’s bad juju.

Ive used svn before i just never thought of the wire svn >.>

Do what DeathDoom said. In my opinion, my tutorial is better than wiremod.com’s

the svn worked but whenever i get into a duped seat i cant get into any other vehicles

Make sure you remove all traces of the old adv duplicator, and make sure the server you’re on has the latest version of adv duplicator.