Avd. Teleporter problem.

Server info: DarkRP, ASSmod.

Problem: We have a tool called Advanced Teleporters wich basically spawns two props that creates a teleport connection between them. We set the tool so only superadmins can use them wich includes me. The only problem is that when we set it from owner only to superadmin and higher, EVERYONE could use it. And they abuse it too, they can get access ANYWHERE now wich is a major problem for us.

Extra info: I tried setting it to normal admin then superadmin and higher to see if it helped. It didn’t. I don’t remember what DarkRP version we’re running but i THINK its 2.4.1. It has a skin combination of red and green anyways after what i remember if its any usefull info.

Please help, is this a known bug? How do i fix it? And yes, i DID search before i posted.

bump ;-;

bump!! D: come on i really need advice!

remove the tool and use noclip

no, noclipping isnt good for RPing, teleports are D:

Check to make sure something isn’t doing something stupid (like giving EVERYONE super-admin)

I’m 100% sure that it doesn’t make everyone SA but i’m NOT 100% sure that I couldn’t use it when it was set to Owners only

are you the only superadmin on the server?

and could you post a link to what teleporter stool youre using?

nyeh, the owner suspected that its related to the gamemode. he downgraded it but we haven’t tested anything yet. i’ll be back if it doesn’t work D: