Ave Nex Alea, Saluto Nex Alea



Well thought out. Tell me, where’d those candle props come from?

Pretty sure they’re from TF2. I just searched for candle in the spawn menu search bar.

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Also resizer tool to make them small.

Clever cheeky monkey. I recently got that tool as well, it’s freaking amazing!

Well I just found a new desktop background.

Truly a masterpiece right here.

Really cool, never seen a monument of guns quite like this before!


oh damn, thats titanic ‘scenebuild’, awesome!

A box of guns, very excellent indeed.

game of thrones got kinda silly after the 43rd season

This is a masterpiece.

Oh man,this are great keep to nice work m8.

Where did you get RPG and weapon pack?

holy shit this is some next level meta-posing.

You wouldn’t happen to have it in a higher resolution, would you?

Hard to describe how awesome this is. Love the candles and the fact you can’t see past the layer of guns.

I used a bunch of different weapons packs, including red orchestra 2, bloo’s csgo pack, larry’s weapon pack, and a few other random ones.

Here’s a link to 5760x2928.

wow i’d never have the patience to place all of those like that

far from titanic

Fucking brilliant. How you could be fucked doing that I have no idea.