"Avenger one here, we got a visual on the base, make some room for the Kodiak, over." - A clear day at Firebase Everest


Alternative angle:


This one turned out better than the image i had in my head, only thing that i wasn’t satisfied with is the lack of shadows and the fact that there’s nothing coming out of the engines/thrusters.
[SP]Before anyone asks; This is a scenebuild on Flatgrass.[/SP]

C&C appreciated!

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flatgrass is a terrible map for scenebuilding unless youre making daytime forests/jungles/parks

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Okay, personally i think it fitted the scene pretty well. Mind recommending any other scnebuild map were it is still possible to change the sky color and fog?

gm_arid_mesa_night. Use the console override for fog first, then you’re able to use the fog and sky controllers on a map that’s almost pitch black, wide open and has a sky box.

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Scenebuild is coo’ BTW.

Firebase Everest is most certainly the best firebase.

Neat. Enjoy this palette. (Enclosed)

How would snow even get there, it’s practically hanging on a 90 degree angle. :tinfoil:

There are holes where the snow can mass during storms, the colder it is the thicker gets the snow.

find any large dark map then
anything that doesnt cast off glowing green grass lighting and glowing blue sky from underneath/above your scenebuilds

Sorry to say, but without lighting it’s really, really dull visually.

sky color changing is for lazy talentless whacks who cant use fog properly and so is flatgrass which isn’t good for anything by the way if you want to have at least semi-decent lighting

download Joazzz’s scenebuild map pack today and get a free imaginary toaster

your maps have broken fog and no changeable sky Joozzaz


Still, cool beanz set up Viper

changeable sky is for lazy talentless whacks


they don’t work with the new fog entities afaik, but fogui still works fine. imho aside from the shadow artificing caused by the entities (which you can mitigate if not eliminate nine times out of ten) fogui is pretty much worse in every way for me, so that sucks

Usually, activating the fogui then using the fog entity works. It’s what I have to do on that map I mentioned earlier and scenebuild_hugevoid.

You might’ve missed it but there is lighting, otherwise the whole scene would have had the generic dull white-grey light and not a shade of orange. (It’s not hard to see the orange.)

oh right so it’s just a matter of using fog_override. well that’s useful