Avengers Assemble! (Gmod)

Gmod needs the avengers, mainly the movie adaption models. it would not only benefit me, but i feel it would also benefit everyone else if these were made. I need help with this because when it comes to modeling and porting to gmod, i’m about as useless as a stick of butter on a hot sidewalk. I reccomend

Hulk be ported from the movie tie-in game:

or Marvel Pinball:

Iron Man be ported from (sigh) Marvel Pinball:


Captain America (i recommend) be ported from Avengers: Battle for Earth:

A decent Thor has already been ported, there is no reason to port him again (except for consistency)
and maybe just for fun:

Or we can wait and just plan for when Marvel Heroes online is launched, they have pretty much everyone any Marvel fan could ask for:

I know it’s a pretty big request, but i’m pretty sure it’d be greatly appreciated by more than just me.

I have a good Hulk



what game he from? you have a download link? best (only) hulk i’ve seen

I have it but this format OBJ You may find more of a skin GTAIV him and also this site:



pity, as I stated before, i’m useless when it comes to rigging models and porting them

He looks god awful.

Textures i mean, jesus.

of course he does, that’s why I made this thread, to get better quality avenger models, the one shown is already an improvement from the tank reskin.

Does it have to be those specific models? Theres already a ton of Iron Man’s knocking about somewhere. Also, I remember a while back there was a Captain America port… and I know XNALara did a Thor. But I havent seen a Hulk I dont think.

this thread is about the movie adaptions of the heroes, to my knowledge, none of them (except Thor and a low quality Iron man from the first game) have been ported to gmod

I have the iron man of marvel vs capcom , 's other heroes of the game


All versions of the models are basically movie adaptations of the models. Because they only make a game once the movie is out.

if these have been ported to gmod, could you put a download link? think of this thread like the dark knight thread. even if there are decent models of the character available, some people want a movie version. Marvel vs capcom models are welcome though if available or if people want to add to the roster (she-hulk would be nice). but movie versions of the main four (Hulk, Cap, Iron Man, Thor) , or six, are the highest priority on this thread.
ps have you posted on the Marvel vs Capcom thread?

good god, that’s terrifying.

um, yeah, I know.

Does anyone happen to have the MVC3 version of Iron Man? I forget which suit it is, might be the Extremis one though which wouldn’t really fit with the movie style ones. Also asking because I want it for a modelhack.

it’s extremis, but as i said before, mvc3 models are welcome on this thread, just as long as the movie ones are eventually made.

But the Extremis armour was used in Iron Man 2, it just wasnt called extremis at the time… but it’s the exact same design:

Iron Man 2



Although apart from this armour with the triangle centre piece, the rest of the armour doesnt match the MvC3… but the armour he starts out on in the Iron Man 2 movie. That is the one that’s the exact same design. Except again the triangle centre piece. He changes to that later in the movie whilst going with his Mark 6 armour.

Iron Man was ported form the first game I think.

I’m more flexible with iron man than I am the others, I was originally requesting the mark 7, but i’ll perfectly fine with an extremis armor from mvc3. the only reason i lean toward mark 7 more than extremis is because of consistency. I feel with Iron man, an iron man-like approach should be taken, where multiple versions of him are made until we get one that EVERYONE is comfortable with, think of them like suits. After all, Tony has multiple suits

Looking at those suits, I can’t help but notice that they all look exactly the same, the only difference being the colour (and Mark 6’s triangle). And… they all look like this http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=100838

the problem i have with that model is that it’s really low-res and the model itself is a bit stiff looking. the biggest problem is no finger posing. people are already asking for another iron man model (on other threads). if someone could remake that model with more detail and high-res textures, that MIGHT be just as good.