Avengers Poster Mockup

Please be super honest.
At the time, when I used the overlay that added the black bars, it looked nice and I thought I’d keep it to see what other people thought, but now that I see no one else is using it, I feel I might be fucking myself over with it.
Anyways, please be brutally honest, I’d really like to get better.

I think it’s pretty good. The big thing that bothers me is the way the characters are organized. It would make sense to have all the characters clustered around the crysis guy closer to the middle, instead there’s empty space around the crysis guy and a lot of concentration of characters to the right. The picture throws off the symmetry of poster by having too many characters on the right.

Well, like I said, it’s supposed to look like this picture


But I think you’re right. I did fuck up the symmetry.

I see now what you were going for. Posters usually are stretched vertically so you could try doing that in gmod. There’s also the main focus on Sam Jackson. If you notice, his face is right in the middle of the screen in the poster while in your pic the arm in the middle kind of blocks it. You should try using the iron man model, which you can find under the steam workshop instead of the crysis character.

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Don’t want to be a dick, but the reason I’m not using Iron Man, or any Avengers models, is because I thought it’d be cooler with all video game characters, so using an Iron Man model would defeat the purpose. But I really appreciate you being honest with the picture. I’m gonna try and edit it and make it vertical.

Where did you get the model of Link from?

I can’t find it on the workshop, but here is the manual download. http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=79133

Thank you. Yeah, I had the workshop one before but I think it was removed for some reason.