Average Cost for High Quality Mapper.

To Clarify.
I am not as of right now, searching for a mapper to perform some sort of godly work, and I myself do not use SDK Hammer, and the other tools that a mapper may use. I lack the creativity, and general skill that a mapper would use, and haven’t got the patience to sit through learning it.

I was wondering, if I were to ‘hire’ a GMod Mapper to create a map with the following features, the average cost. I’ve heard high prices from certain contacts and much lower from others, so directly asking would be an easier way to get an average for how much money I may need to set aside.

Features would include but are not limited to:

- Rather large map similar to the size of RP_Catalyst, (Current map being used), with a larger skybox if possible. Nothing extremely out of the ordinary, still want people to manage to get around the map

- A reasonably sized Military Compound; similar to a Hanger/Bunker. Doesn’t need to be large, but large enough to hold 50 people at once, without it looking like a shit show.

- A smaller base, that would fit around 10 players, looking slightly more like a mercenary compound than military site.

- A few run-down shacks.

- Setting would have to be dusty/sandy with a few desolate trees

TLDR: Basically price on a nice military map?

Paying for skilled labor, it’d be expensive. Ballparking at the lower end for $15 an hour, 40 hours per week for four weeks: that’d ring up to be $2400. You’ll likely be able to get it for cheaper as most around here are hobbyists, but the larger the payout, the more skill you’ll attract.

A better idea would be to look at what you have available. I’d strongly suggest taking a look at gm_chaparral which fits pretty closely to what you’re wanting.

Another option would be rp_cscdesert which was modeled after areas from the first two Fallout games. Almost fits what you’ve got required. It’s quite old, made a good 9 years ago, but it was a staple of general desert RP for many years.

Thank you for the response, me and the staff team have looked into certain maps; but we’re more looking for a military compound focused maps as events either happen on a small-scale in the home compound or a large scale assault/assistance on a different map e.g Raid_Predator.

In that case, I’d suggest drawing up some plans on what a reasonable end product would be like. An overview of the layout and specific buildings, shots of existing source maps demonstrating the desired level of detailing, and some reference images showing what you’d like things to look like.

At the very least, it will give anyone who sees the request a good idea on the scope of the project. Some mappers may be fine with following the plan closely, others might like to flex their creative juices but they’ll be aware of what’s expected of the map.

In terms of assets, as long as you’re paying them for their time, I believe they can make use of content from games like DoD:S and the free mod version of Black Mesa. It’ll save on time and effort, as well as ensure a decent level of quality.


I would say the minimum it would cost for a high quality sandbox map would be several hundred dollars, and the higher the pay the higher quality mapper you would attract.

Alright, thanks for clearing it up, I had/have a budget/goal of $1000 (Eventually). As of now we’re not desperate and doing well, just thinking long-term.