Average RAM usage of srcds

I have a Linux VPS, what is the average RAM usage for a server? (How much per player/entities)

700 MB avarage for almost-always full server (DarkRP)

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Actually fuck me, right now with 22 players it lies on 100 MB

EDIT: wait, it might be becuse its less retards playing when its night

100mb for 22 players? (DarkRP is quite unoptimized as well) thats not bad. What OS are you using?

Windows, it should be almost same on linux though, also as for your notice i have optimized DarkRP a little to not be suck a memory-whore

Linux runs quicker fron what I’ve heard :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As its night now its around 22 players + less minges. It could top 500 MB with 34 players with alot of retards on

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I would say 700MB on the most horrible conditions possible

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Avarage is around 320 MB (with as i said before DarkRP and loads of players)

Depends heavily on the size of map you’re using. A very large map with 20 players and a good few props is ~800mb tops.

Depends server to server every little thing comes into play. Slots, networking, voice communications…

I’ve seen about 538mbs for full 30 slot server running JailBreak. With about 10-15 people talking on microphones.

the DarkRP server is using downtown, for heavy maps it can take 100mb more max