Avert Your Eyes

I made this a few days ago, figured “Oh what the hell, I might as well post it.” So here it is.

No oogling Zoey’s ass boy. Even in a zombie apocalypse there is such a thing “ass” decency.

Sorry. Couldn’t resist:) Have funny.

Wow, that skin looks really good. The meshback cap looks perfect.

Isn’t Zoey 16?

Ellis you pedo.

I guess he hasn’t gotten any for a long looong while… or ever.

I doubt it, she’s gotta be like 20 atleast.

Also, lol @ the comic

She’s in college. Get your facts straight.

So Ellis seems like hes in his teens, or 20’s

I like Nick’s expressions.

Reminds me of NCIS.

Zoey is going around slaughtering zombies in a mist of blood and gore, and some wonder if Ellis is allowed to look at her ass. I just love Facepunch:)


Ellis is 23. :v

Not sure how old Zoey is, but isn’t her model name like survivor_teen? XD

Reminds me of Jethro and Tony

That was the first thing I thought of too.

I don’t get it

I’d be Ellis in this Comic. Nick would be Facepunch saying “NO RAPE 4 U”.


I would be Zoey’s ass.

And I would be myself, shoving my schlong into you.

Very nice, :ham: