AVG now picking up Rust.exe as a virus

I’ve got this happening on both my desktop computer and my laptop. One of my guild mates told me he’s having the same issue. Telling AVG to ignore Rust.exe works and gets around it, but not sure what would be causing this.

Anyone else getting this?

Anticheats, antivirus packages, and rootkits all use similar techniques to embed themselves into the system layer in order to do what they do. Obviously, we only like programs that hide themselves in the walls some of the time. AVG is falsely detecting EAC’s anticheat code as a malicious rootkit.

false positives happens

garrysmod has been hit before with other avs in the past

it just happens

Thanks. That makes sense. I figured it could have something to do with EAC, but wanted to check how widespread this is. This may screw things up for some people not smart enough to know how to override their AV settings. And you know they’re out there… :stuck_out_tongue: