AVGN and Nintendo models

You all remember the classic Nintendo systems right? You probably know who the Angry Video Game Nerd is.
I need the following models not Nintendo models will be indicated with an *
NES Power Pad
Power Glove
AVGN ragdoll*
NES Zapper
Super Scope
Atari 2600*
ET Atari Cartrige*
Atari 5200*
Atari 7800*
Rolling Rock Longneck Beer Bottle*
Pong consoles* (any of them will do)
Sega Genesis*
Sega 32X*
Sega CD*
Atari Jaguar*
Atari Jaguar CD*

That’s quite a lot for a model request. I would think people would prefer to model at most the first five on the list. Rolling Rock would probably just be a reskin of an already existing beer bottle model.

Though, it would be cool if we could get these models. The guitar guy in the intro would be neat, too.

A lot of people could work on different models