AVOID: - US EAST Vanilla Wiped 7/2 Active Admins Drops Nodura - US EAST Vanilla Wiped 7/2 Active Admins Drops Nodura

Admin: norqosh - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197960271800/

Whoever gave this clown admin, should probably not pay to rent a server. I join the server at request of a friendo’, to find that we are getting shot at by ‘admins’. Obviously we fight back. This norqosh guy, who has admin, runs out in next valley in full kev. We pelt him with round after round and he doesn’t go down. Odd. OK - maybe med kits. We keep fighting him. After getting wrecked, he starts banning our players, citing zero reasons. After taking multiple head shots from a bolt AND p250, he still isn’t dead. Yes you guessed it, he has god mode toggled on. Then he gets called out on it. Norqosh does not like this. I state that people should find a new server, because the aforementioned is a sorry excuse for an admin. He then teleports into the base, headshots me and tells me to leave. I basically tell him how shitty he is and how he would get wrecked on a normal server that he isn’t invincible on (hell, he got wrecked with godmode on) - he then bans me. He then bans our remaining players and C4’s the base.

Shit admin that oozes his own quality. I know servers are few and far between, but I have not seen abuse like that in my entire history of rust. Not that I care as I spent very little time there, but I’d rather save other people the trouble.

You’ve been warned. Don’t get baddied.

was on that server just a few minutes ago, can confirm that the server’s p. bad

better off finding a diff one imho

It’s a good server with good admins other than that Norqosh idiot who should be removed and banned later today once the owner comes on.

The only explanation he would give to me was “you are exploiters” and then blocked me on Steam. OK? lol. Then some people in the server said that one of you killed him while he was typing in his base and he asked for his kevlar back and you wouldn’t respond so he got angry. That story doesn’t make sense to me either, if he was “in his base” he’d have closed the damn door and we wouldn’t have got his stuff.

He was tping into my base over and over 2-3 nights ago too, attacking us with rocks…just being an annoying troll, I didn’t say anything about it before because there was no harm done other than wasting my time.