Avoid This Person (Xero)

Asked him to do a job for me. says he has coder experience and was willing to help. payed him 30$. 2 weeks ago i needed something done by a certain time. and he is already 1 week late. no replies. Has someone else talk to me on his account. I cant get my refund because he says he has no money(This is what his friend says).

AVOID! Do not hire this coder.

You paid him for work he didn’t even do yet? That was your first mistake.

As hunting rifle said, you should never pay someone until the job is completed.

No script that you pay someone $30 for should take more than a day to do.
Not even more than a few hours.

I got the feeling we got someone who wanted to get something for nothing, and the only person that would accept such a lowball offer is a scammer.

I tell you what is a possibility in this situation, if you get in contact with my secretary who has access to my accounts then we can sort out a $30 payment for me getting that $30 back for you.

We will not be in contact with each other after this post, I will have someone else contact you through my accounts.

What do you mean you can help get back my 30$

And thus booyadiaz got scammed twice in a row

ALWAYS get the work first, or pay as the coder goes along… I.E. He does half of the job you pay him half ect.

As far as he goes, from what I seen he is part of or plays on Bounty Tech Gaming.
Used Names:
2014-09-20 07:00:14 Xero [ßŦ]
2014-07-18 04:12:19 Xero
2014-06-05 00:14:59 Project-Xerox
2014-04-01 20:02:20 VNICK54
2013-11-18 15:33:26 XERO
2013-06-20 06:49:36 xero
2012-10-20 17:16:13 RisingKing

He started a gaming community that failed twice in a short amount of time due to “reasons he rather not talk about”.

I usually will investigate someone briefly before a hire IF they ask for $ first… If they are not known, come to an agreement for the work.

In my opinion, I would put up something on Scriptfodder about him, or re-open the job explaining that he had scammed you and maybe someone will help you for free. (I have seen it done a few times.)

LOL Don’t trust people on the internet that is you’re first mistake.

Really?? Thanks Confucious for that insightful advice

Careful, don’t trust him: he’s on the internet :v:

But wait, you’re on the internet, so I can’t trust you either!

Did you not send the money via Paypal?

Do a chargeback. It doesn’t matter if he has no money, PayPal will take his balance into the negative-- you’ll still get your money back.