AvOn Stargate mod - Certain stargate types not showing up in dialing list.

I have a issue where certain stargate types like, the new Destiny gate, Infinity gate, Tollan gate, even the ori gate, don’t show up in my dialing list when i set them up.

I made sure they have valid addresses and are set up correctly, and they can be dialed you just have to dial them manually.

I have tried using the search feature, it doesn’t work, and I have put in as many different variants into google looking for the right key words. I know this question has been asked before, and I didn’t want to be “That guy” who is asking a question that has been answered a hundred times before and starting a new thread about it.

so I apologize in advance if this is question that has long since been solved, but I couldn’t for the life of me find the answer here, so I am asking if someone could help me, or at least point me in the right direction.


Im pretty sure that a gate can only dial a gate of the same type. Have you tried that?

Atlantis gates can dial SG1 gates. These gates are both officially supported by avon. The other gates you mentioned are not. It’s possible they simply don’t work.

No different gate types can dial each other.

secondly, the gates work in the sense they dial out and can be dialed, its just they don’t show up in the search list as if they are private, but the private check box IS unchecked.

I remember someone way back answered this question, cant remember the fix, where it will show up in the search list when you open it.

Does anyone remember how? or remember this thread?


Dude it doesn’t matter, just type the easerest gate aderess and the type in this adress in other gate

Stop signing your posts, we can clearly see you name right above your damn avatar /rant

its not a rant for crying out loud.

its just people are making assumptions about the mod that are completely unfounded. And I remember seeing a fix somewhere on here and I have been scouring the boards for it. This place could use a search feature.

Now I’m asking for those familiar with the mod, does any one know how and why certain downloaded stargate types wont show up in the dial/search list but otherwise function fine(meaning manual dailing), and how to get them to show up in the dial search list.

It has a search feature, here. Best of luck finding what you’re talking about, but do be aware that the Tollana and Infinity gates were not produced by Avon and may be incompatible.

well they seem to work perfectly fine, the only thing is that they don’t show up in the search list, but are dialable, both out and in, and operate fine.

they just don’t show up in the search list, much like gates with the private ticker box set. and no I did make sure the private ticker wasn’t checked.