Avox Gaming

Yeah great, someone just leaked Avox Gaming Metro script.

Incoming drama war…

(User was banned for this post ("Lack of content" - Craptasket))

Uuh, okay

Sticky required.

i’m there dev and even i don’t know why tokiz posted this

Congratulations Avox Gaming

When you’re dumb enough to come bitch about it on facepunch with the most un-descriptive post and in the wrong section, I have no pity for you.

Thanks for informing us, I have alerted the head of each office, they won’t rest til this is figured out!


Who gives a flying fuck.

Congratulations for your “spam invited” community too.

And… So what?

Why should we care?

Link please.

Pfft, who needs a link these days?

It is drama.

It’s funny how some of you don’t care, but see this as a advantage to post criticize in a thread you don’t really have a fuck to do with. Typical Facepunch members… (some).

It’s funny how you feel everyone should care about your shit, but nobody does. Typical retard.

Exactly where did I mention everyone? It’s not like I’m trying to tell the whole world that we just got leaked so spoiled shit kids like you could leak it, I guess you never made something yourself?

This thread isn’t for people like you, that wants drama, then you’re totally at the wrong place dude. This thread is to inform those who have been/are playing at Avox Gaming, if you didn’t noice, we were pretty populare so I guess many here have been trying it out, and now probably many of them will also know why we’re going down.

Sorry if this isn’t the correct section, just take a chillpill and wait for a moderator to move the thread, everyone can make mistakes. :slight_smile:

Yeah man, I never made anything for myself, nope.

Besides, why should I take this comment from a man who admitted to simply buying a bunch of plugins and slapping it on severance.

Anyhow, no more drama, cool your tits.

Even more funnier that you actually made your own work but still enjoys to leak others work.
No I didn’t pay for them. Lau, Alex, Spencer, and some others, they have helped me for free, and because some of them are my friends.
So you didn’t just leak it, but you explored the content aswell, thumbs up.

Yeah no more drama, good to hear.