AVP 2010 Marines

It’s probably been asked before but noone has made any. Everyone makes the Aliens and Predator models but no Marines. If anyone has a link for them hiding around somewhere could we please have it? http://starfox-online.net/topic/9758-avp-2010-marines/ Looks like someone made them there but they were never released.

Thanks, Gunny

Heh the funny part is, that was me who posted that on SFO. I didn’t make any of those models though. I had found them somewhere on this site, and just wondered if anyone THERE had any knowledge.

Haha, I eventually found the thread on here but there is no progress on the Marines. As many people that request these nobody ever makes them. They continue to make Aliens and Predators when theres already plenty around.

fury_161 has some, I think. PM him about it.

Thanks, just sent him a pm. Hopefully he says yes haha!

Yeah, that would be cool! I have pulse rilfe prop and everyhing ^^
It would great to pose them and make scenes on gmod with them!