avp 2010 queen model request

Yah this is my first thing and I’m not requesting anything like the queen model that exists or anything I’m requesting this bad boy here

/storage/sdcard0/photoeditor/Alien queen avp 2010.jpeg

so if you guys can rip this character I would be most thankful :slight_smile:

P.S. this is not the same queen in aliens colonial marines

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I cant seem to get a friggen picture up but basically its the queen that specimen 6 became at the end of the alien campaign sorry guys :frowning:

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People will probablly do this… if you pay them something. I doubt anyone is going to go and make (or rip) a model and put it back together for free.

Hmmmm then do you suppose I could rip it my self if you have seen any tutorials for that I could possibly make my first gmod workshop model