avp alien movement

i am making a game mode where i want the player t be able to walk on the walls and be able to transition smoothly from one surface to another. right now i am not that worried about the players animation i just want the ability to transition onto the walls and walk on the walls like you were on the ground. having full camera rotation etc. if anyone has something that will help or if anyone has an idea then please post!

i have looked into gmove and spidermod but i cant figure out how i would do this…

i was surprised no one else has thought of how to do this but idk I’m still learning and this problem has been so AGGRAVATING

P.S. maybe something like the transition in dystopia’s cyberspace levels?


Please post in the correct forum.


Also, alien movement shouldn’t be too hard. Let me see if I can whip up some example code.

Heh, a bit more complex than I thought. I need to calculate some funky angles for it to look good. When I get it working I’ll probably release it as an addon.

Am I right if I say that NPC’s would move rather bad on props if the point is them jumping around on debris after blowing up a ship or something?


No wait, I get it now. Sorry.

It’s the “smooth transitions” that are screwing me up.

Agreed, Source isn’t that flexable :saddowns:

Oh it is, it’s just finding the right equations.

I love you more and more everyday grea$e

grea$e if you were to release an addon of this it would be awesome :3


I couldn’t get it to work.

The main problems were knowing when to go where. I haven’t played AVP since the original release, so that didn’t help. I really wanted the new one, but I don’t have the money. If someone gifted me the new one I could probably figure it out, but I doubt anyone would be that kind. :frown:

Ha this would be awsome as an addon. I hope it gets made.