Avp marine?

can some make a alien versus predator colonial marine?



well its worth a try

Some user whose name escapes me is porting over AVP2010 models into Source, and I think he’s currently working on the Alien. I’m sure the Marine will be finished eventually.

Nexus has ported them already but he says they aren’t “finished” yet… but I think that’s bullshit. You might want to ask him about them.

should i message him privately?

Even if you did he wouldn’t give them to you because he’s a poop.


If someone port them, it will be great.

Sgt.lolcat you can try to PM nexus but I’m not really sure if he would give them to you. He doesn’t give them out to just “anyone” but it’s still worth a shot to ask him. Like F T said they aren’t “finished” they still have some bugs anyways, some textures get fucked up and such, I don’t know if he’s fixing it or not.

If it would help I have a HD AVP Marine that was modeled by a friend of mine I can probably share. It will require a bit of poly reduction to work though.

ok! thanks!