AVP Synthetic Pilot

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Project Valkyrie was designed to fill two integral support roles: combat unit transportation, and mid-level battlefield command. In order to fill these roles and maintain a low unit production profile, the civilian synthetic frame Alice (Weyland-Yutani entry for the synthetics triathlon, 2203) was chosen. Valkyrie sports improved dexterity and reaction time as well as over 30 adaptive piloting scenarios that make the unit capable of beyond licensed level quality piloting skills for any vehicle in today’s market. Valkyrie’s smaller unit frame also allows for comfortable range of motion within a small vehicle cockpit. [TABLE=“align: center”]


Valkyrie is also equipped with a Medium Range Secure Wireless MP2P Communication Network (CCN-WM) and secondary processor dedicated to real time combat decision making. This gives Valkyrie a superior short-term and medium-term command decision maker and fills the role of field officer when deployed. The unit also has a basic, stripped down version of the Alice personality, making it capable of interfacing with company personnel for dissemination of combat orders. Valkyrie also has basic self-defense and preservation protocols, and is programmed to use the M41A Pulse Rifle, WY-45 Pistol, and Stun Rod. Valkyrie is also compatible with the Long Term Detached Operation Synthetic Augmentation Backpack (DOA-B). Although equipped for combat, this unit is not designed for direct confrontation, and misallocation of company resources may result in review for the mission command employee. [TABLE=“align: center”]


NOTE: Combat units are illegal under Colonial law. If questioned, Project Valkyrie does not exist and never has. Exposure of operating combat synthetics to unauthorized personnel and civilians will result in immediate suspension of benefits, revocation of company shares, and employee termination. [TABLE=“align: center”]



After several weeks of sitting around waiting for people to tell me how to fix the eyeposing and fingerposing and trying to fix other stupid problems (and there were a lot of these), it’s finally done. LT_C asked me to make this for a comic he was planning, and it ended up being pretty good so we decided to release it. Above is a lot of info about the character tied to the model, and below is a list of all the bodygroups and other things included here. I’m guessing a lot of people will just scroll straight past, look at the pretty pictures and download it (or not) without reading any of the words, but the code word for a secret prize is “quesadilla”. LT_C wrote the rest of the thread, he just told me to put my own commentary here in this small space

INCLUDED: Synthetic Pilot:
Bodygroups: Helmet: Off, on - visor down + mic, visor up + mic, visor down + no mic, visor up + no mic.
Sunglasses: off, on
Vest: lightweight, full vest, lightweight w/damage
Backpack: off/on
Stunrod: off, on, empty holster with strap, empty holster without strap
Skingroups: Undamaged, face damage, leg damage, full damage
Sunglasses *
Backpack* *
Helmet* - Bodygroups for visor and boom; WY, grey, green, and white skingroups ***

Dropship:*** Dropship prop with bodygroups for foils. ***

Texture fix:*** Overwrite texture fixes for the bodies of the AVP3 synthetics. Smaller size and better phong. **

IMAGES:** [TABLE=“align: center”]


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Pilot: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=130850

WORKSHOP LINK: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=78953745

Dropship: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=130851

Texture Fix for Skaarj636’s combat android ports: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=130852

Pilot Model Hacking: FloaterTWO
Incredibly fancy thread, Textures, and overall model design: Lt_Commander
Texture fix for androids: Lt_Commander
Dropship: fury_161, Lt_Commander, dmlxo21
Stunrod: Nirrti, Lt_Commander
People who helped FloaterTWO fix things when they went horribly wrong: wraithcat, Haxxer, Squiddytreat!, Bloocobalt, Nirrti
Source Models: AVP3, Blacklight Retribution, MOH10, Mass Effect 3, Left 4 Dead, Fallout: New Vegas

[SUB]disclaimer: there is no secret prize and saying the code word is just going to make you look silly[/SUB]

Yes. Yes. Hell fucking yes.

And it’s finally done!

You can tell I had some down time while the model was being finished up :V

[h2]GET YOUR HOTFIX HERE! Fixes those potentially missing eye textures.[/h2]

She’s finished! Great work, you two!

A great way to present a model.
Looks like high quality.
Definately downloading and thanks
for that.

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this is awesome!

Excellent work. Her skin actually looks little too “natural” considering the makeup used on Call and Bishop, but awesome nonetheless.

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Amazing job on this!!! Very glad to see that AVP was not forgotten. It would be cool to see some Male models as well or some aliens. Don’t take it the wrong way, I’m just putting it out there because I know it is what others are thinking as well.

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YOu two ROCK! :rock:

Well, the pilot model isn’t from the game, it’s just been textured to look like it. The only bit that is from the game is the gore on the chest. The dropship is a rework of a model that was ported a few months ago and released in the wip thread I think, albeit without any smoothing groups to speak of.

Wow! It’s really cool!

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