AvP weps and snpc's

There are lots of AvP things out there but not many of good quality. What we AvP fans need is two things. A:Weps. I have not found a single predator weapon on any gmod website anywhere. It would be nice to have the wrist blades, combistick, plasma caster, smart disc, ect. USCM weps are hard to find as well. I have only found one and thats the assault rifle. However it wasnt npc compatable though which would help.That would be really cool. Also to match that we get to my second thing. B: We need descent snpc’s for it. I have yet to find any USCM snpc’s at all. Most Predator snpc’s i have encountered arent very complex or are just a citizen or combine with a different skin. Also they have no npc weps that make them feel at all like a Predator. Aliens are usually zombies with different skins or a badly scripted npc. Often times they dont attack unless youre close. Also i have yet to find a queen alien npc. The greatest challenge however for this is probably the coolest. If someone could create a form of life cycle snpc it would be amazing. It would start as an egg that hatches after a certain period of time. Then a face hugger attacks a human and if successful it attatches to its face and after a certain amount of time a chestburster emerges from its chest. Then that goes into a cocoon later and becomes an alien. I know this would be near impossible but if someone could do it they would be god in my eyes. If one cant do that however they could jsut stick to making a really awesome snpc for the alien including queens, facehuggers, and eggs.