Better isn’t it?

the picture in general shows promise that the angle unfortunately destroys

Yeah I’m with Joazz-try a different angle.

Maybe down more or even from the Marines point of view, or alteast over the shoulder.

Can you tell me what will be a correct camera angle please?

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Like this?
And i know that the muzzle flash is a little bit…ehmm…¿strange?

I like the angle more than the previous angle, but the lens flare is um… :pwn:

Is the sunlight
And the light on the marine is her shoulder lantern

not an excuse. the lens flare looks horrible. tone it down. and the marine’s light is pointing away in the second picture, we’re not supposed the see the glow

also, when picking an angle, make sure you won’t leave any unnecessary empty space around the scene/pose. that usually helps a lot. also, remember to use this fancy thing called “Rule of Thirds”

should also pick a better map, that one doesn’t really fit the whole AvP theme