AVP3, 2010 models

This is the models ripped from from AVP3, 2010 Game.
So far I have 1 Marine (Ricco) and the Combat Synthetic ALMOST finished (everything is done except for the head).
I am submitting these meshes as .OBJ files because .OBJ is pretty universal among the 3d modeling software out there.
I will finish up the synthetic’s head in the next week and after that I will start on the female marine, then after that start to import the rest of the marine’s heads.

Here are the links for download:

Nice job :smiley: But some meshes looks a bit wierd when i compare them to the androids we ported, are you sure you done everything right?

Nice work man.

At last, some had the damn decency to port more stuff from that game! Will you be doing props and clutter aswell?

Include the model textures too, next time.


good work man !

Does someone need the textures? I can upload them if it’s needed.


Texture would be good

I love you.

Ok Simonsyndaren,
I’ll upload them later.

textures of the marine are uploaded. http://rapidshare.com/files/451413538/MarineTextures.rar


Yeah I know what you are talking about, I may have stretched the torso longer then it should be because I wanted the size of the synthetic to match the size of the marine, If you want it back to the way it was just take the row of vertices right at the crotch up to the last row of vertices below the belt and raise them up till it looks correct to you, then include the belt with those vertices and raise that up.
Here is the version of the Synthetic before I did all that with it
Just to let you know, you will want to correct the one I gave before because I also corrected the hands to be the same size as the marines hands because you will see they look just a too small. And the Android is much taller than the Marine.

Oh on another note, the reason I did not include textures yet is because I am not done with all the heads yet, you will see that each Marine has different textures on their armor.

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Eventually yes I will be including the colony corridors, sewers, refinery corridors, hive, eggs, and some laboratory stuff.


would it be possible to convert a whole map?


Hmm yes but it would take a lot of time. I can give a map in pieces and you can put it together (though it will take a lot of time to do because 3dripperdx kind of distorts things, so you will have to go through the trouble I went through with the meshes). That is why I would rather just do pieces such as a section of a hallway with just the left wall, because you can just mirror it to make the right side then duplicate it to create the rest of the hallway.
It would just be easier for you to take the pieces I give and make a whole new level for yourself.
Besides, don’t you think it would be much more fun to make your own levels?
Here is a custom made LV-426 corridor I made myself with just one wall and a corner piece:

Oh aweso-

… I love you <3

But how does one actually port from the game itself? I’ve tried porting from my copy with 3D Ripper but to no luck

You need to do it off of winXP 32bit only, no vista, 7, nor XP 64.

Wow, I never noticed how short their arms were.

I don’t think I will be giving an update for the synthetic because it looks like someone is already hot on that and has the head finished, they just need to submit it now.
I do how ever have the Alien Warrior finished.


why did you not use the max res diffuse and normal?


Edit: Awesome rate Nex, considering you haven’t done jack shit to help. God forbid quality assets be used for posing material, ya know kinda the point of screenshotting in the first pace.

Here I am uploading the Dome Alien, and there is a difference between this model and the warrior I gave before and that is the arms. The arms on the warrior are the arms that the alien model has when you play the alien campaign (and is also the preatorian’s arms) but the arms on this dome alien are the arms when you play against the cpu alien (do not ask me why, that is just how the developers did it).
Also included with this model is the riggid head textures.
Oh and I will finish up the synthetic head, found out the one the other guy is working on is actually a different, heavier synthetic.

Because I felt lazy at the time, idk.

Are these rigged for G-Mod?

@The Combine … no, its a obj with no bones

TOUS le models pour garrysmod caserais cool mrci g ve de skins pour g mode et avp2010 cool :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKaRXRCSv8U