AVP3(2010) predalien model.

i know there is one already, but all the download links are broken. if any one can reupload it that would be nice!

Why did you make a model request when you could have messaged the people that made it?

They don’t respond. I tried to pm and I posted on there download thread

i support this, even though i already have the file downloaded, but i would love to see the tail more possable in the near future, its sort of a pain posing a tail thats only 50% possable, ah well thats my opinion and im geting off topic
i do support this

So you downloaded before the links stop working?

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so you downloaded this before the links broke or did you get it from somewhere else besides Simons.

Ok, first I don’t think this thread belongs here for a request for a re-upload when this is meant for models and such. I think it would be best if you move this thread to another forum.

yea, i got the Predalien while the links where still working

I guess your right. I think I’ll just delete it seeing there is very little support. I guess I can undestand why the original creators are ignoring me, they probably get a ton of pm’s per day! Guess I’ll just have to be patient and wait.

Im sure they will repair the link, try shooting them an Email or something. Or just inform them on their main thread.

They have been broken for a while now. Oh well I’m deleting this thread tomorrow.