avp3 alien queen model needed

hey i got everything in avp 3 exept the queen so if anyone could give me an avp 3 queen model id appreciate that :smiley:

ive been doing some fourms and when i request something someone comes in and locks my thread because i dont have enough posts and stuff and please dont do that

While most of us know what the queen might look like it would still be usefull to have pictures.
Makes people more interested.

hmm id like to but i dont know how to do that :confused:

…ok ugh i need a queen model for movies but this is terrible no ones answering geez

Are you 5 or something. This isn’t a chat room.


From AvP classic, but I’m betting the user who made it is slowly working on the rest of the models, they have been for a long time.

wait, you said you have everything in avp3, you mean all the aliens and marines preds and stuff? where did you get them

well actully what i meant was i got 2 predators a drone and a predalien and i forgot sorry dude