AVP3 model doesn't have file format!!


As you see, those files must be model files, but unlike when I QuickBMSed multiplayer files, those model files don’t have file format such as *.RSCF
So do other .pc files.
Is that because multiplayer files are in .asr format and those singleplayer files are in .pc format?
Or am I doing something wrong? Please help me step by step.

ps. file formats are shown by folder option. the picture is just because they don’t have file format.

I’m not on my PC right now, so I can’t look into my avp folder. But you have to use BMS script first!
Follow these steps http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1079779
Maybe I’ll make a little vid how to use it, but when you follow these steps, it should work.

I don’t know which part I’m missing, but still I there’s nothing when I export .pc files.
To be honest, there’s no openable files but textures. Really there’s nothing.
Usually there must be .RSCF files, but in this case, NO. I think other guys are saying the same thing.
I’ll try more, yet help me.

Oh, wait. What I most need is dropship model. Can you send me those four model files if export plugin works in yours?
I have no problems with texture, so if you can, it would be great.


<In Memory of APC>
It was great vehicle until AVP2.

As I said I’m not on my PC now, but I can do it tomorrow I think. :wink:


It’s possible some of the PC files are compressed. IN that case you might need to use the decmopressor

That’s horribly confusing… with my brain.
I think my head is gonna explode… oh, here it comes!! KABOOM!
Thanks anyway…

In which section you can find the dropship? (jungle, lab …?)

Jungle, sir.