AvP3 Syntetics


Yeah, just another AvP3 model. This includes fully poseable ragdoll (eye, face and finger posing), bodygroups and mask as prop. Currently it’s only Weyland’s Bodyguard Android. Next version will include gibbed and Combat one as well. Addon format without spawnlist.

Bodygroups :
1 - Mask
0 - Off / 1 - On
2 - Right upperarm pad
0 - On / 1 - Off
2 - Left upperarm pad
0 - On / 1 - Off

Credits :
-AvP3 Dev Team (Sega, Rebelion);
-Nexus_Elite - skeleton;
-Simonsyndaren - reference port, textures port & convert, addional textures (normal/bump maps…), compiling;
-Skaarj636 - reference rigg, compiling.

Download links :
Version 1.5 (Bugged)

Version 2.0

Those look really cool but Jesus Christ the faces scare me. Can I see one with a mask on?

Omg I’m so scared. Please add masks.


Better now.

Been waiting for these since the game came out. Thank you so much. I take it they’re not rigged…? That’s fine too.

They are rigged, or what do you mean? They have face and fingerpose if that what you mean.

Rigged to the HL2 skeleton, I mean. But I don’t mind if they’re not.

Its better Jiggle-boned its better posing.

do you have any idea what the hell you’re talking about

Cool! What about the marines :P?

these guys are messed up, their body group accessories and their eyes are connected to their heads so it moves with their heads

Cool! Finally released!!! :stuck_out_tongue: Anothet outstanding work!

Could you take a pic of it?

Nice Release.

as u can see its pretty messed up

any help?

Hey smoothskin!

I will look into the problem immediately

omg thank you!

Yeah, I have that problem too.